This special issue of Contemporânea tests an idea about the possibilities of sculptural language; reflecting about new conceptual and formal approaches and their defining particularities. Which methods, languages and proposals does sculpture take on in contemporary artistic practice?  

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Embracing a variety of elements, materials and subjects, it extends itself and connects other areas of knowledge, like sociology, philosophy or biology with computer software, animals, insects and microorganisms. And it lives in its time, speculative, uncertain, delirious.  The artistic universes present in this issue are diverse but explore all fundamental aspects of sculptural thought, defying its own limits, the condition of the absence of medium and art itself — this way, expanding its possibilities. Presenting and observing different realities sometimes complex, inaccessible, unstable, kaleidoscopic, they are matter in transformation, shiny and fragile.  

Because throughout time, throughout matter, we contemplate life in the eye; a beautiful and slow catastrophe. Editorial director: Celina Brás

Artistas/Artistas: Ana Mazzei; Ana Santos; André Romão; Bruno Cidra; Andreia Santana; Ângela Ferreira; António Bolota; Belén Uriel; Carlos Bunga; Caroline Mesquita; Claire de Santa Coloma; Daniel Steegmann Mangrané; Doris Salcedo; Fernanda Fragateiro; Francisco Tropa; Gonçalo Sena, Joana Escoval; João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva; Helen Marten; Igor Jesus; Jérémy Pajeanc; José Pedro Croft; Leonor Antunes; Mauro Cerqueira; Nikolai Nekh; Nuno Sousa Vieira; Maria Trabulo; Musa paradisiaca; Pedro Barateiro; Pedro Henriques; Pierre Huyghe; Vera Mota, entre outros. Contextualiza, igualmente, as gerações dos anos 70, 80 e 90 e o panorama actual internacional.

Authors: Alejandro Alonso DÍaz; Alexandre Melo; Antonia Gaeta; Carlos Vidal; Catarina Rosendo; Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva; David Revés; Isabel Carlos; Isabel Nogueira; Isabella Lenzi; João Laia; José Marmeleira; Luísa Santos; Maria Beatriz Marquilhas; Marta Espiridião; Nuno Faria; Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues; Sofia Lemos; Sofia Nunes; Susana Pomba; Susana Ventura.   

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